Hiring Manager Toolkit

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of tools developed for hiring managers by our team of experienced recruitment specialists. As hiring managers, we understand the challenges you face in finding the right talent. That’s why we’ve curated this selection of tools to streamline your hiring process and help you secure the best candidates.

Finding the perfect fit for your organisation requires a strategic approach, and our range of tools can support you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a HR professional,  our toolkit can be tailored to align with your specific requirements.

As a recruitment specialist, our commitment goes beyond providing tools. We strive to offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout your hiring journey. Alongside our robust toolkit, you’ll find a wealth of resources, including articles, best practices, and industry insights to help you navigate the landscape of talent acquisition.

  1. Latest Recruitment Insights
  2. Temp Manager Tools
  3. Template Documents
  4. Recruitment Tools
  5. External Support

Latest Recruitment Insights

The Latest Recruitment News – Visit our blog to read the latest recruitment insights. Find tips and tricks to improve your recruitment strategy and streamline your recruitment process.

Temp Manager Tools

Submit a Timesheet – Submit a timesheet for your current temporary worker through our secure online form.

Send a message – Tell us something you want us to know, or upload a document for us to see.

Request a temporary worker  – Complete our 60-second form providing brief details about the vacancy. An experienced consultant will then contact you back to discuss your requirements and various options.

Document Templates

Job Description Template – Download our job description template to create a simple and accurate job description for your vacancy.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for Job Vacancy Template – for sensitive hires with confidential information.

Interview Evaluation Form Template – An interview evaluation form helps hiring managers assess candidates consistently based on predetermined criteria.

Offer Letter Template – Download our free offer letter template to give a great first impression to your new employee

Rejection Letter Template – Download our rejection letter template to leave unsuccessful candidates with a positive view of your company.

Recruitment Tools

Permanent (or Fixed Term) Vacancy Form – Complete our 60-second form providing brief details about the vacancy you would like The Burford Recruitment Company to work on, and an experienced consultant will contact you back to discuss your requirements and various options.

The Cotswold Job Board – The Burford Recruitment Company Website / Cotswold Job Board is a Google Jobs enabled, interactive, and user-friendly job board which receives thousands of views of its vacancies each month from local job seekers. It is the perfect place for local businesses to place adverts, in order to maximise the reach within the local Cotswolds candidate market and fill your vacancies quickly.

Salary Benchmarking Tool – Ensure your vacancy is attractive and competitive. Use this tool from Total Jobs to Total Jobs to make sure you are paying the right amount for your role.

Recruitment Process Audit – Having a clear recruitment strategy, and a streamlined recruitment process is crucial. Reviewing your recruitment process before launching every vacancy will help you be as efficient and effective as possible.

Interview tips – read our tips on how to prepare for and structure a job interview from a hiring manager’s perspective.

External Support

HR Support – If your business is growing, and you require HR support but don’t want to employ internal HR Support, you may want to consider an outsourced HR partner. We have worked with several local Cotswolds HR businesses supporting them with their recruitment needs. Find details of our trusted partners…

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Are you a large business recruiting a significant number of vacancies a year? If so you may wish to look at an ATS to manage both your internal applications and your agency usage. Which one is right for you will depend on your company’s circumstances. Software Advice has compiled a list of the most popular ATS systems so you can compare what is right for you…

Personality Assessments – Personality assessments can provide valuable insights into the learning styles, and personality types of new hires. These can enable hiring managers to create bespoke onboarding plans and to allocate new starters to teams with complementary personality types. In turn, this increases buy-in and improves productivity and retention rates. Quiz Breaker has compiled the most popular personality assessments allowing you to compare and choose which (if any) is right for your business…