When should you consider a retained recruitment service?

Retained Recruitment

In the majority of cases, contingent recruitment services (no placement no fee) work just fine. However, in certain circumstances, it is better to engage a company on a retained recruitment basis.

Benefits of going retained

  1. Dedicated Expertise: Retained recruitment usually involves partnering with a specialist recruitment company or consultant. This specialist recruiter can focus exclusively on finding the right candidates for your organisation. They bring in-depth knowledge, industry experience, and a network of talent, which can be invaluable in identifying and attracting top candidates.
  2. Priority Attention: With a retained solution, the recruitment company can commit to working exclusively on your recruitment needs. They can allocate additional dedicated resources, time, and effort to understand your organisation’s requirements and prioritise finding the best candidates. This ensures a focused and efficient recruitment process.
  3. Thorough Search: By financially committing to a recruitment company, you enable your recruiter to conduct a comprehensive search for candidates, utilising various methods such as proactive headhunting, networking, and targeted advertising. These activities have a cost, and go beyond the typical job boards and databases, accessing both passive and active job seekers, which increases the chances of identifying exceptional talent.
  4. Reduced Time and Effort: By engaging a retained recruitment solution, you can choose to offload a significant portion of the recruitment process to specialists. The recruitment company can handle additional tasks such as initial interviews, and shortlisting, saving you time and effort. This allows your internal HR team to focus on other strategic initiatives.

It’s important to note that while retained recruitment can offer significant advantages, the decision to use this approach should be based on factors such as the complexity of the role, talent scarcity, urgency, and the organization’s specific needs and resources.


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