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Register with us

To arrange a consultation over the phone, via video link or in person at our offices, please call 01993 225055 or email

We prefer to register candidates face to face, however we realise that this is not always possible. With this in mind, you can now choose to register online.

Registering online still allows you to record your preferences (such as the number of hours you want to work, your salary expectation, the distance you are willing to travel, the sectors you want to work in and much more), and this information will be used to help us identify any relevant vacancies, ensure you are only contacted regarding opportunities that are right for you, and offer you the appropriate candidate support.

Manage your data

When you register with The Burford Recruitment Company you remain in complete control of your data!

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent opportunities, you can access the Worker Resources tab for helpful tips on writing the perfect CV, and how to prepare for the perfect interview.

If you are on a current assignment through us you can enter a timesheet and request a holiday at any time day or night.

And if you have registered you can visit to upload an updated CV (or other document), or change your preferences (what you will be contacted about).

And if you no longer want to be matched to relevant opportunities, you can 'request to be forgotten' and your data will be deleted.

Vacancy search


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