The Good Recruitment Guarantee

The Good Recruitment Guarantee – Our commitment to quality…

We are committed to ensuring candidates who apply via The Burford Recruitment Company recieve a professional and compliant service, and that each candidate’s first impression of us and the companies we are representing is a positive one. With this in mind, we have created ‘The Good Recruitment Guarantee’…

What do we guarantee?

We guarantee that prior to introducing a candidate to our clients, our consultants will have:

  • Spoken to each candidate about your company and your vacancy.
  • Provided the candidate with relevant documentation and additional information about the company, including:
    1. A job description
    2. Web address / Careers pages etc
  • Obtained explicit written consent to share the candidate’s details with you, in line with GDPR legislation.
  • Obtained additional information from the candidate relevant to their application, to help you make an informed decision, such as:
    1. Minimum salary expectation
    2. Location & driving license status (if applicable)
    3. Notice-period

This is the minimum level of service we believe you should expect to receive from a professional agency prior to receiving an introduction. We agree to abide by The Good Recruitment Guarantee and confirm we will carry out the required actions. We acknowledge that we will forfeit any claim with regards candidate ownership (and any fee) should we fail to fulfil our obligations.

The Good Recruitment Guarantee

Download – Get all agencies to guarantee good practice…

Do you use more than one agency for your recruitment? If you do, you can download The Good Recruitment Guarantee agreement to send out to all of your agency partners. The benefits of ensuring all your agencies sign up to The Good Recruitment Guarantee are:

  • You can be sure that your business is being represented positively and your brand is protected
  • You will be discouraging poor recruitment practices such as sending CVs without gaining GDPR consent
  • In the event that a candidate is introduced by multiple agencies, any conflict will be quickly resolved
  • Your guarantee will protect you from the risk of multiple fees, overiding previous agreements