Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment Specialists

The Burford Recruitment Company have a number of experienced consultants specialising in a number of different sectors including Office & Professional, IT & Technical, Finance, and Marketing & Creative.

Depending in which sector your vacancy sits, will depend on which of our permanent recruitment specialists will be best placed to assist you.

Whether you are looking for a new Agency to work with alongside your current suppliers, or you are looking to partner exclusively with a single local recruitment agency, The Burford Recruitment Company can help find the talent you need to grow your business.

Developing programming and coding technologies. Website design. Programmer working in a software develop company office.

Standard Recruitment Model (Multi-agency)

Engage The Burford Recruitment Company to work alongside your other agencies on on an non-exclusive basis, and receive:

  1. A dedicated Vacancy Manager
  2. Fee % based on salary and complexity of the role
  3. Flexible payment options – up to 3 months
  4. 0% interest rates
  5. 8 Week rebate scheme
  6. Optional DiSC Profiling to improve onboarding and retention (£199 plus VAT)

Our Partnership Model (Exclusive)

Partner with The Burford Recruitment Company on an exclusive basis, and benefit from preferential terms which reduce risk and cost:

  1. A dedicated Vacancy Manager
  2. A reduced, fixed fee %  – for all placements at all salary bands
  3. Flexible payment options –  Monthly payments up to 12 months
  4. 0% interest rates
  5. An extended 12 week rebate period
  6. Free DiSC profile following placement on your hiring manager and new employee to improve onboarding and retention.

Outsourced Recruitment Model (Managed Service)

If your business is likely to recruit more than once a year, you may benefit from a Managed Service. For a small monthly management fee you can outsource your recruitment to a dedicated Key Account Manager who will work exclusively on your recruitment for a set number of hours a month.

Helping you integrate new starters into your team

The cost of onboarding a new employee is significant. It includes the cost of recruitment, training, equipment, and the overall financial packages (salary, pension, NI etc), during the training period. This can often add up to more than twice the annual salary of the employee, so getting it wrong and failing to retain new starters can be very costly.

Engaging employees and onboarding them well, will improve retention, and help new employees get up to speed faster. By providing DiSC assessments to your New Employee, Hiring Manager or wider team The Burford Recruitment Company can help you tailor your onboarding to the individual, speeding up integration, increasing engagement and improving retention.

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